Bear Cubs, infants from 6 weeks to 15 months, are the youngest group of children in our preschool. They are developing rapidly. Within the first 12 months of their lives, those tiny and helpless beings turn into big, thinking, and curious toddlers. Thanks to our highly qualified and committed teachers, children are making great progress in improving their communication with the environment and eye-hand coordination. Every day, children acquire more and more new skills as we create a solid basis for their learning and make them feel safe and comfortable with us. The excellent care and education that we provide will give children a good start in the future. We care about the development of their motor skills so that they can learn such important skills as crawling, sitting, moving, kneeling, and standing up. Infants will also learn to express their feelings and emotions, and to communicate with the environment.


* Not available in the Chicago location.




Little Monkeys are a group of children from 15 months to 2 years of age who are learning to walk, run, and express their opinions. They love to overcome their weaknesses, to face challenges and explore the world. Thanks to the excellent care provided by our teachers, our children are happy and joyful. As we stimulate their language development, children begin to speak and they learn new words and collocations every day. They learn to say their first, not necessarily correct, simple sentences. In our Academy we provide children with a sense of security that they need so much, and at the same time we allow them to develop and learn self-reliance. Our fixed schedule of activities, meals, walks, play and nap time makes the children feel safe in our preschool. Through carefully selected toys (with appropriate age specifications and necessary approvals), interesting play activities and relevant books, children learn and discover the world around them more efficiently. They learn to communicate their needs, to express their own opinions on any subject, and they become small explorers – they want to touch and try everything. Therefore, our classrooms are adequately prepared for those great explorers. Children also learn simple songs and improve their drawing and painting abilities by developing their fine motor skills.

   * Not available in the Chicago location.





All parents want their children to become self-reliant and to learn basic skills necessary in everyday life. At our Academy, under the supervision of highly qualified staff and with some help from classmates, not only will your children learn self-reliance and teamwork, but they will also develop their talents and interests, they will stimulate their imagination and discover their sensibility.

Tiger Cubs will:

- develop social skills
- become more self-confident and self-reliant
- develop fine motor skills through art activities
- develop language skills
- learn to perform some activities in silence
- become familiar with elements of rhythm through music activities
- joyfully spend time on fun activities








In Zebras’ classroom, through play activities and interaction with classmates, children will learn self-reliance, teamwork skills, they will develop their imagination, deepen their sensibility, discover their abilities and interests, and learn some social rules.

Zebras will:

       • develop a positive self-image
       • making contact with classmates
       • develop creative interests
       • develop manual skills
       • develop positive emotions
       • develop visual, auditory, and motor coordination
       • develop their interests by participating in activities regarding particular subjects


Zebras’ activities include:

       • learning the names of days, months, and seasons of the year
       • learning to distinguish colors and opposites

       • counting to 10
       • applying a variety of artistic techniques to complete assignments
       • learning poems and songs
       • listening to stories and fairy tales related to the subject being presented
       • doing exercises, dancing and playing
       • learning elements of acting by participating in school plays and shows




Our educational work focuses primarily on preparing children for further education, with special emphasis on teaching language and math skills.
Full-day activities include:

- activities developing language skills
- math,
- visual arts
- rhythmic activities with elements of dance
- movement games
- gymnastics
- computer

 Lions will:

- learn the 26 letters of the alphabet, digits, geometric shapes, spatial relationships, the names of months and days of the week
- learn to write by tracing letters and letter-like shapes
- use different visual art techniques
- memorize some poems and songs
- listen to fairy tales and stories
- use educational computer programs
- exercise and dance to music
- participate in many events such as “Meeting Santa Claus”, “Carnival Ball”, “Grandmother’s Day”, “Grandfather’s Day”,

    “Mother’s Day”, “Father’s Day”, and many others